Boombl4 leaves. Who will replace him?

Boombl4 leaves. Who will replace him?

Last few days esports community was discussing Boombl4’s transfer to Natus Vincere. Now we have to confirm – our captain leaves Winstrike for real.

Since Winstrike’s foundation Boombl4 was its initial part of organization and successfully presented Winstrike at the local and international tournaments. Together with Winsrike Boombl4 played at two Majors in London and Katowice, took 2nd place at LOOT.BET/CS Season 1 and won the slot at GG League 2019.

«This transfer is pretty hard for me, because my team and my organization were my second family. But it’s important to know that if you got a chance to join NAVI – you have to agree. So you must learn to let go to get something in return. For me it’s the new stage in my career and whole new level. I very thankful to my organization and all the players I’ve played with. Thanks for your faith. Also thanks to all the fans», – Boombl4 commented.

Ioann Edward Sukhariev joined Winstrike by the loan and will be playing with the team at tournaments in near future.

«Today is the very hard day for us – we’re saying goodbye to the player who was presenting Winstrike from the very first day of organization. We’re saying goodbye to the captain, incredibly talented and hard-working player. During our work for Winstrike Kirill became a friend to me, so it makes our farewell even harder.

We understand that it’s a chance for a player to prove himself in one of the best worlds’ team and we didn’t want to deny this opportunity. From this day Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov plays for NAVI. Good luck, Cap, but remember we’ll be working together again someday!

Our team is joined by Ioann Edward Sukhariev by the loan. Hope we can prove our new roster at the nearest Minors and Majors», – told Adalyat Mamedov, Winstrike head manager.

We wish Boombl4 all the best in future. See you at tournaments!


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