Changes in CS:GO team

Changes in CS:GO team

Winstrike Team announces changes in their CS:GO squad. Main coach Dmitriy iksou Mihailichenko leaves the team. Tactics coach Daniil pipsoN Mescheryakov will take his place. This was a mutual decision for both sides.


«Coaching is like a drug for me, and to get used to what you’re doing is the worst. At one moment I realized I’m losing more than I’m getting and it makes influence on my job. I need a new challenge.

I’d like to thank Winstrike for all we’ve done together. I’ve had a great time. Special thanks to the team, who forgave all my mistakes and gave me a chance to grow.

pipsoN continues to work with the team. He is young and aspiring. I hope the team will get to the top under his command and all these decisions are right», – iksou says.


Winstrike Team head manager Adalyat Mamedov commented as well: «We went through a lot of changes last few months and wanted to change our attitude to training process, making our performance both structured and tactically various.

We hired pipsoN for this, and he became our tactics coach to work on our in-game skills. iksou’s duties were to control the whole process, to help during the most difficult times. In other words, he should build a team in all means.

Looking back now, I think our coach duo has worked well thanks to Dima. The team which made it to the Major within a few months and became #1 team in Russia is build by him. Moreover, Dima has become a close friend for each of us. It is hard to say goodbye, but we understand the team needs changes, and our coaching duo can’t no longer exist like that. I hope our roads will cross again someday».


Together with pipsoN the team will prepare to the future tournaments.

Winstrike CS:GO team roster:

  • Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov
  • Aurimas Kvik Kvakšys
  • David n0rb3r7 Danielyan
  • Georgi WorldEdit Yaskin
  • Jan wayLander Rahkonen
  • Daniil pipsoN Mescheryakov (coach)

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