Changes in Dota 2 team

Changes in Dota 2 team

Winstrike Team announces big changes in our Dota 2 roster. Bogdan Iceberg Vasilenko, Mikhail Misha Agatov, Danial yamich Lazebny and Ivan ArtStyle Antonov are leaving the team.

This decision was made after unsatisfied results of the team: since the start of 2019, when the team was formed, it couldn’t make it to a single DPC tournament and performed badly at various online tournaments.

Dmitrii DM Dorokhin, Milan MiLAN Kozomara and Dino dnz Šavuk will become the new Winstrike players. Dmitrii recently played for european Vega Squadron roster, and MiLAN is widely known for his performance for Planet Dog, HellRaisers and J.Storm. dnz is from Croatia and recently played for Elements Pro Gaming.

Maria Gunina, the manager of Dota 2 roster commented the changes:

«There is a stereotype that reshuffle is the past of least resistance. The other way is working hard on our mistakes and problem solving at all social and gaming levels. But this method demands full impact from all participants, which was impossible with the previous players.

Our goal now is not only to change players in hope there will be chemistry between them. We want to change the way we build rosters in itself. Where will it lead us – to TI or new Umn1k video? Time will tell».


New captain of the squad nongrata made a video, where he tells why Iceberg left and Silent stayed, and reasons for other changes:


New Winstrike Team Dota 2 roster:

  • Airat Silent Gaziev
  • Dmitrii DM Dorokhin
  • Alexey nongrata Vasiliev
  • Milan MiLAN Kozomara
  • Dino dnz Šavuk

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