Changes in Winstrike.PUBG

Changes in Winstrike.PUBG

PUBG Europe League 2nd phase, another part of PUBG competetive 2019 season ended last Sunday. Winstrike Team took 12th place in overall standings. It is enough to secure the slot in Phase 3, but unsaticfactory result in general. 

Due to our latest results, there will be some changes in Winstrike PUBG team. Joonas Jorzki Permanto is benched and ready for new offerings. He will remain in our team till he will find a new organization. 

Head manager Andrew Kimi Kvasnevsky commented on the changes: «Unfortunately, after 2nd phase’s bad results, we have to change something in our team. That’s why Joonas in benched now. I must also mention, that we’re already working on strengthening our roster». 

If you have  any questions or offers on the Jorzki’s transfer, please contact our manager:

Winstrike Team PUBG current roster:

  • Teemu Teme Kokko
  • Olli Tiizku Saarikoski
  • Joona NOOKIE Närvänen
  • Mark Krimson Aer Russell senior (coach)

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