What’s up with Dota 2 roster?

What’s up with Dota 2 roster?

Recently, we have received hundreds of such questions. There are cosmic changes in our cosmic family.

All active players of current roster will be moved to inactive.

The new coach of the Winstrike team is Arsenii ArsZeeqq Usov, who will form a new lineup.


“Today is a great day in history of the Winstrike Team. The team, formed in the spring this year, officially ceases to exist.


For someone team means results, for others it means jokes about family and copypaste about Cooman, but for us first and foremost team is about people, who are talented players and bright ones and will always be a part of Winstrike.


The building of a new team will be conducted by Arsenii ‘ArsZeeqq’ Usov, who is mostly known by his work in Virtus.Pro. But what is more meaningful for us is the expertise that he got in the early career of his.” – commented on the changes the team manager, Marie Gunina.


“Once at the Major in Stockholm I jokingly offered to Marie my help on forming a new team, scouting new players etc., because at that time team was experiencing some difficulties. Six months have passed and now I am really going to do it and will represent such a respected holding by coaching Dota 2 team.” – said the new coach of the team Arsenii ‘ArsZeeqq’ Usov.


We would like to thank Lil, nofear and Cooman for the work they have done and wish them the best of luck in future career. Looking forward for another tons of questions like “What’s up with Dota 2 team?” before we announce new players.



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