Coaches assessed our group stage chances

Coaches assessed our group stage chances

CIS Minor Championship is coming soon! Our coaches shared their opinion on Winstrike future performance before the tournament starts. Our team goes to Group B alongside with pro100, AVANGAR and

Dmitriy iksou Mihailichenko, head coach:

«It’s pretty hard to predict  who will get the slot because of lineup second Minor in a row. It will depend on mood teams will be in before every game. We have pretty uneasy group, and it is possible to repeat the same scenario as at the previous Minor when two teams were sharing the only slot to the Major. Anyways, we can pass the group stage».

Daniil Mescheryakov, tactics coach:

«This Minor impressed me with its participants. I can’t say there is any weak team here. If you want to get to the Major, you must defeat them all. We are well prepared and will do our best to show our best performance. Support us and we will do this for you!
P.S. kenzor, get well soon! I hope you will get the chance to play at the Minor».


First Winstrike game vs. will start at 11:10 CET on January 16th.