Details about Boombi4’s Transfer

Details about Boombi4’s Transfer

Winstrike Team CS:GO captain Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov left for NAVI. Winstrike CEO Jaroslav Komkov told about the details of the deal and shared his thoughts about Edward:

«Today Winstrike Team is saying goodbye to its CS:GO captain Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov. He is leaving for NAVI and it’s wonderful.

Several organizations were fighting for Kirill since the fall of 2018, but we refused any suggestions. There was an agreement between us to accept the offer from only one team. Joining NAVI is his dream and his decision we promised to support. Boombl4 will always be the part of Winstrike and we hope for his return. With more experience, stronger as a player. Good luck, Cap!

This deal became real only thanks to opened and honest behaviour of NAVI’s CEO Yevhen Zolotarov, who didn’t use traditional methods of pressure and made an official request and arrived to Moscow for 2 day discussion.

It was complicated and voluminous deal, which made Boombl4 the most expensive Russian esports player in history.

Besides the cost of the deal, there is bonuses for successful Kirill’s performance, buyback option and Edward’s loan.

Such players as Edward become free agents not very often. He got unique experience and knowledge by playing on the highest level with best teams. We now have pretty young roster and a coach, who will get to work with real legend without transfering to other team )

I’m eternally grateful to the team’s management – Adalyat Mamedov, Pavel Chuvashev and Ivan Shevtsov, who understood Kirill’s decision and continue working on the new roster.

I hope this transfer will make both teams stronger».