Edward leaves the Winstrike Team

Edward leaves the Winstrike Team

Today the lease of Ioann ‘Edward’ Sukharev to the Winstrike Team has officially ended. Edward has been a captain since the transfer of Kirill ‘Boombl4’ Mikhailov to NAVI.

«We are very grateful to Ioann for his help during this period. Two bootcamps, two LAN tournaments, online matches and trainings…The schedule was tight. Taking into account the workload in NAVI from where he came to us without a rest, it was not easy and I, personally, am very grateful to him for his commitment»,  – commented team coach Ivan ‘Johnta’ Shevtsov on the news.

«Everybody knows that Edward is a living legend of Counter-Strike and an incredible professional. In addition, he is a very intelligent and pleasant person with exemplary inner discipline. I am glad that for all those years he has been playing CS Edward has not lost his passion and thirst for victories. I would call the period we worked together and the achievements from that period mutually beneficial. Our young players learned a lot from him, and he tried himself in a new role of captain and IGL. Hopefully, that experience will help him in his future career. I do not exclude the possibility that we will work together again, but today the lease contract has ended and Edward goes back to NaVi as a reserve player», – said the team’s head manager Adalyat Mamedov.

 We thank Edward for the work he has done and wish him success in his future career.


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