Engh: «We just try to improve and work on ourselves constantly»

Engh: «We just try to improve and work on ourselves constantly»

Our Overwatch player Andrey Engh Sholokhov was interviewed by The Game Haus recently just before the start of Overwatch Contenders Season 3 playoffs. He told some interesting facts about himself and his team and suggested some changes to the current tournament system.


Let’s start with an introduction. For those who don’t know – who are you?

Hello everyone! My name is Andrew, but my in-game name is Engh, and I play for the team Winstrike. I’ve been playing Overwatch since the beginning. All my teams were always Russian-speaking, and my best performance was around top 8-10 EU for the team TORNADO ROX, up until I joined Winstrike. In all the teams I’ve ever been on, in Overwatch or not, I’ve been the captain. Overwatch proved to be no exception. At the moment, my role is main support.

How do you feel about the changes coming to Contenders in 2019? What needs to change in the Contenders scene to make it better?

I think Blizzard is “artificially” killing the scene in all regions except NA. If OWL is a long-term franchise designed for 5-10 years into the future, Contenders being the way it is right now means there will be no young and hungry players in a couple of years in many regions. I think the first step in the right direction would be to make four Contenders seasons a year. Make an event that will take place two times a year where the best teams from each region will compete against each other. Then the quality of the players for OWL will be better, and the players will understand that they are needed in this game, even at the T2 level.

EU fans often talk about how long Angry Titans have stuck together, but the players on Winstrike have also played together for quite a long time. Between your time together on CIS Hope and Winstrike, it’s been over a year! How close is the team after playing together for so long? What advantages does that give you? Got any favorite memories or funny moments?

So we’ve been playing together for a long time, and that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. To start, we have become more than just fellow players – we’re also good friends. Any disputes we have are always resolved very quickly. The negative side, though, is the fear that we’ll lose motivation, or that nothing will change. Complacency, basically. As for any funny moments… I won’t get into specifics, but we have them every single scrim.

Is there any added pressure to represent your country when you play, given that Winstrike is one of the only Russian-focused teams in the scene, and there are so few Russian players? If so, how do you deal with that pressure?

Pressure, criticism, good reviews, bad reviews…. That’s all just being part of esports in general. We don’t care if we are the only Russian team or not. We just try to improve and work on ourselves constantly.

That being said, our team probably has one of the biggest communities in Contenders, and it’s constantly growing. Our fans remove all the pressure with their support, which helps us focus on the game.

Who are some players you’ve looked up to in your time playing Overwatch?

In general, quite a few. When there’s free time between scrims, I watch the streams of players like Funnyastro, Masaa, Closer, Ark, and SLIME. I always try to develop my own style from watching strong players, it helps me. I will also say that I have great respect for Davin – he has an incredible motivation, and he’s constantly improving.

Finally, what message would you send to Winstrike’s fans, or people who are a fan of you specifically?

Thank you very much for your support – it gives all of us a lot of strength and energy every day to try to become better. Thank you again!


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