ForlanFS on this season’s results

ForlanFS on this season’s results

Winstrike Team’s FIFA player Alexey ForlanFS Merser came back from Manchester and ready to discuss his performance and some future plans.


Fortunes and misfortunes of the season

I’ve managed to qualify for two big tournaments, such as FUT Champions Cup and eChampions League. Becoming a participant of these tournaments is a big achievement, as there are few slots and the best players in Europe were there. But I’ve managed to qualify twice.

My LAN performance is the biggest misfortune. The most ironic is that I’ve been doing well on trainings before the officials: I’ve played against the best players some control games, and I’ve won most of them. But after the officials have started, everything’s been not quite as I wanted. The same people I’ve defeated at the trainings, have shown great results. In my turn I’ve lost to the weak players.

Analyzing my game now, I understand several mistakes I’ve made at the tournament. But you should take gameplay into consider, because it’s different from what you have on the trainings. We should be streaming every console, so the network was overloaded, and it gave us a big delay as a result. I think I just didn’t regroup for another gamestyle. I can’t say I was playing worse than other guys. About 10 control games are my proof.


What to work on before the next season?

I think I  need to work on my mindset. I mean, I need to be more calm and try to avoid all this pressure at the tournaments, do not think about the result and not to trigger from all these goals and situations that happened. I must learn how to accept them mentally.


Plans for the future

They are still the same – I will try to qualify to as many LAN tournaments as I can. I will prepare taking all my LAN experience and knowledge into consider.

To be honest, the game we play at home is completely different from what you should play there. When you’re watching the stream, you can’t see it. Only when you’re here, it makes sense. I will do my best not to make same mistakes as I did this season.

Officially professional season for me has ended, and I think my top-70 position among PS players is good overall result. There are still more unofficial tournaments ahead, and I’m going to prepare well for them.



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