HObbit leaves Winstrike Team

HObbit leaves Winstrike Team

Today Abay HObbit Khasenov has left CS:GO roster and become a free agent. 

«Today I’ve made a tough choice to leave Winstrike and head on as a free agent. The team and the organization have really been there for me all this time and I do appreciate it and always will. But now we have to part ways. Stay in touch, Winstrike!» – HObbit commented.

Dmitry hooch Bogdanov, Winstrike Team coach:

«Now we are going to continue our journey at ESEA Advanced and then leave for a well-deserved vacation. When team returns, we will test new players and start a season a little bit earlier. Even though we have lost 20% RMR-points, Winstrike is still in the race and we are going to fight to the finish line».

Also Hooch will take Hobbit’s place at ESEA Advanced.

We thank Abay for the work he has done and wish him all success in his future career.

Updated roster:

Vladislav bondik Nechyporchuk

Aleksei El1an Gusev

Aidyn KrizzeN Turlybekov

Victor Lack1 Boldyrev

Dmitrii hooch Bogdanov (coach)



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