Iceberg answers your questions

Iceberg answers your questions

As we promised earlier, our Dota 2 team captain together with AXE chose and answered the most interesting questions from Winstrike fans. Did you find yours?

If you could be any dota hero, whose abilities would you choose?
Shadow Fiend abilities for sure. Thanks to it, SF can do both physical and magical damage.

How hard is to make friends in esports?
I don’t see any problem making friends in esports. Initially it is a group of people of the same age as you with similar interests, so you spend a lot of time together: trainings, games, common jokes at the bootcamp. I think esports in no different from other sports teams or office collective. People always get used to each other. It’s pretty normal.

How is your cafe in Kiev going?
Not bad, pretty good I should say. To have your own business at 21 is an awesome experience — it is great responsibility, especially if you’re playing in the team which was at The International several months ago.

What is your most unexpactable desicion which has turned your life upside down?
You can guess it by yourself: to give up boxing and come to esports, of course. When you make it in esports, things change, especially when it comes to Dota 2.

How are you and your team morally cope with defeats?
Like the others. We can to to the cinema, recently we’ve watched Bohemian Rapsody all together. We can watch some football, ask Airat about it. Sometimes we can play CS, it’s very emotional game when you have to distract.

How do your boxing lessons help you in esports?
I think talking to people helps me, plus the fact I grew up inside the community and know how important simple things are: having a good sleep before the games, preparing, learning the opponent’s manners and behaviour, noticing some sensitives. I don’t have to make myself to wake up early before the game. I understand that it starts late so I’m starting to prepare at 11am, clicking, picking heroes, trying to choose the most fittable hero which is the most uncomfortable for my opponents at the same time. I do all this by my own will because I know it’s important.

Is there any game you want to replay?
To be honest, I want to play Team Liquid again at the Epicenter. It was offensive to loose with such a strong team, taking the first map, leading 10k gold at the second, especially after we discussed everything and saw the reasons of our defeat. I think it’s hard convince me in not winning that game.


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