Changes in Winstrike Team’s Dota 2 roster

Changes in Winstrike Team’s Dota 2 roster

Nikita ‘Young G’ Bochko leaves the squad and joins NAVI. Now there are four players in Dota 2 team.

“The distance of working together with Nikita was quite short, but during this time he managed to become a part of the organization. He showed himself as a real professional and a fighter: you can be sure about the middle line. Now I wish Nikita success and growth. I’m sure that in NAVI he will become even stronger, not only as a player, but also as a person.

And a few words about our roster. Now we are in the “test” mode. We check a large number of players in different positions. I hope, in the nearest future we will be able to please you with new results. Stay tuned!”, – Winstrike sports manager Andrei Kwasniewski gave his comments on the news.

Current Dota 2 roster:
Stanislav ‘chikirau’ Yaroshevich
Vladislav ‘DKFogas’ Frolov
Sergey ‘[T]SA’ Timchenko
Dmitry ‘kickeed’ Pilyaev


Changes in Winstrike Team’s Dota 2 roster


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