Winstrike Team Dota 2 roster changes

Winstrike Team Dota 2 roster changes

Airat “Silent” Gaziev is no longer part of the team. This decision was made after analysing the defeat against Na’Vi in the final of the regional qualification for The International 2019.

Airat took part in founding the FlyToMoon team, which later went under the Winstrike tag. Despite the recession after The International 2018 and numerous roster changes, Silent remained one of the team’s key players throughout the season. He was the pillar of the Dota 2 roster, lived through all the ups and downs from the first day of the team’s existence.

Now our team needs a core player with a different character, temperament and mindset who will help us to achieve other primary goals. It is for that reason we part ways with Airat as a player of our team.

However, we are not parting with Airat forever. Until the end of 2019 he will remain in the team, but as a reserve. Thus, we wish to emphasize his importance for the team and increase its stability. CIS qualifiers for TI9 showed that teams need reserve players in roster in cases of critical situations.

Comment by team manager Mariya Gunina:

«Players come and go. This is a given and a part of the life cycle of any team. Nevertheless, this announcement is not like the others. Airat has been with us since the first day of the Winstrike Team. All the achievements of the team are to Ayrat’s credit.

We are happy to have an opportunity to continue working with Airat as a reserve player and want to emphasize that he can join any team of his choice without the need for his buyout»

We wish him success in his future endevaours!

Current Winstrike Team roster:

Zaur “Cooman” Shahmurzayev

Alexey “nongrata” Vasilyev

Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk

Aleksandr “nofear” Churochkin



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