Changes in APEX Legends roster

Changes in APEX Legends roster

Now only two players remain in APEX Legends roster. Anatoli ‘Wrugb’ Belousov is going to leave the team today.

«I would like to say thank you to Anatolii for the work he has done and for the passion that he has shown in the short time that we have worked together.

 Unfortunately, due to the poor performance in Apex Preseason we must make changes. We decided to change the in-game play style and I do not see Anatoli in it.

Good luck in future endeavours!» – commented on the news the general manager of the roster Andrei Kvasnevskiyi.

As part of the Winstrike Team, Wrugb participated in Apex Legends Preseason Invitational 2019, where the team only managed to get the 21st place.

 We wish Anatolii the best of luck in his future career!

 Current APEX Legends roster:

Dmitrii ‘Fyzu’ Petrov

Petr ‘Desertuk’ Myagkov