Rainbow Six: Siege roster changes

Rainbow Six: Siege roster changes

Andrey ‘m1lon’ Mironov left the team due to the end of the lease. His place will be taken by Alexander ‘rush’ Rusiev.


“After the news that we will lose one of our fraggers, we decided to try players who have experience in this role and have the skills of a captain. Rush proved to be the best and shoved himself as  a leader and experienced player.


Several people from our team, including myself, even played with him. And after the tests, almost unanimously, it was decided to choose him”, –  team coach Anton‘ VIKING ’Shevchenko commented on the news.


Rush is Unique ex-player, where he previously played in the same roster with Alexander ‘flaers0’ Kroshkin, another player of our team. During his professional career, Alexander ‘rush’ Rusiev took 3rd place at RML Season 3 as part of Unique and 2nd place at Firecuda Spring Cup 2020.


We are glad to welcome Alexander to our team. We wish you good luck and as many victories as possible!


The current R6 roster:


Kirill ‘SmashByAsh’ Belozerov

Alexander ‘rush’ Rusiev

Stanislav ‘Leri’ Akimov

Alexander ‘flaers0’ Kroshkin

Anatoly ‘eXoduSS’ Martynov


Anton ‘VIKING’ Shevchenko (coach)

Alexander ‘Wh1te’ Sokolov (manager)




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Rainbow Six: Siege roster changes