Lil and nofear on this season’s results

Lil and nofear on this season’s results

CIS qualifiers for The International 2019 ended yesterday. Our team made it to the grand final but lost to NAVI 0-3. So the official season is over for us and it’s time to sum up this year’s events.


Ilya Lil Ilyuk:

Well, it’s time to sum up the season.

After I came back from TI where I worked as an analyst, I was told I was not going to be in the new NAVI roster. It happened because I singalled to the management that I didn’t want to play with some of the people from new roster. I didn’t know them personally, but I made up my opinion from different stories and rumors. My behaviour was bad when I was in NAVI because of many reasons, but I’m not going to reveal them now. So my kick wasn’t a surprise for me. I would not keep myself in the team either.

Back at TI I predicted this move, so I started to think of my plan B. One of them was a creation of my own team. Unfortunately, it was not that easy. You can’t just make 5 players who fits in with their character, play together in a team. After a month of games and reshuffles, my team decided to leave me. 

Transfers were closed already, my reputation of proplayer was broken, so all that was left for me was streaming. To keep my competetive form I was searching for tier-3 European players to play Major and Minor qualifiers. We were training a bit, losing the quali and splitting up.

I have even been to England, bought a new PC here to make a team and play US qualifiers, but it came apart after 2 days of trainings, because people didn’t want to play with each other (despite they’ve been playing for a month together already). Then I contacted EternalEnvy and he invited me to play, but disbanded in several days. 

No matter what I did, everything ended with the same scenario. It was painful to realize no matter how good player you are (I still think I’m not the worst person in team), turned out you’re not needed. 

After all that there was a moment, when I was working for Maincast as an analyst, told v1lat everything and he gave me an advice to contact Winstrike Team. As you already know, I had no other choice at all, so I decided to try. After some time I was invited to tryouts and became an official player. It was like a breath of fresh air to me, becase everything I did and lived for was starting to make sense. 

We started our trainings and I arrived at the boocamp for the first time in the whole year and then played at the Minor for the first time during the season. I felt like 4 years ago, when I was just at the beginning of my career. So here I go again, nice progress, isn’t it? 🙂

TI9 qualifiers is all I was suffering and putting myself against the wall for. All my energy, my health, all my time, all I was doing was to be in these qualifiers and snatch slot with my teeth. It was the only thing that made sense. 

We lost in the grand final 0-3, deservedly. 

I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but since I was kicked from VP, I deal with my thoughts that I won’t play in the finals, at tournaments and in front of the crowd in general anymore. What to speak of The International? These thoughts don’t prevent me from trying, but at the same time I don’t upset so much after every defeat. Like it was today. 

Actually, I often think about my past years, and how I got to the point where I am now. It is painful for me, so I only convince myself it is all just my imagination. How confetti was flying up to my face and I was holding a trophy. I just dreamed about how I played at the TI stage, and when I came out of the booth, huge crowd were screaming team’s name on my shirt. It is much easier for me to think like that.


Alexander nofear Churochkin:

I’d like to share some thoughts on past qualifiers.

Let’s start with our result – we lost and didn’t qualify for The International. I think it determines your level if you don’t get to the tournament with DPC points. This year was the easiest in getting the invite. So if you don’t get enough points till the end of the season, there are some problems and to solve them is the second thing.

Our team was formed three months before the qualifiers. We’ve been playing together for 5 days, lost in the Adrenaline Cyber Cup qualifier finals and ILTW left, because he didn’t want to play mid. After that we tested Cooman and just right after the first clan war we realized he fits us well. 

We lost another qualifier for EPICENTER next, but didn’t give up and went to the Minor. We asked sh4dowehhh if he wanted to help us during the tournament and decided to work together. That’s how our team was formed. 

On The International 2019 qualifiers. We realized we could win any team, as well as lose to them. But still there were 3 main candidates for the slot: Gambit, NAVI and us. Vega surprized us a bit during the group stage, but we felt they coundn’t defeat us beacuse of lack of the experience. Vega’s drafts and games were good, but they weren’t any better than us. I’m not comparing players, it is obvious some of them were playing too good and some weren’t. What about NAVI, they are pretty strong as a team. They’ve been working whole year and went throught lots of things: defeats, reshuffles, etc. This experience helped them to defeat us. Again, they could lost to Vega 0-2, second game were in their bag for some moment.

In the first game against NAVI we overpicked them and knew every hero they would choose. We could make our last pick better, but made lots of mistakes since 10 minute, more than in all the previous games. It was disguisting. 

We absolutely lost the draft for the second game, and after Axe/Tide and Lycan/Sven lanes we could quit.

In the third game the picks were in our favor completely, we were leading, but didn’t want to fight because of 0-2. So we didn’t finish what we started, gave them time to farm their BKBs and lost some moments. 

So our result is pretty deservable and obvious. 

Everyone deserved what they got. We’ll try to gain experience from the very start of the next season. 



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