Lil interview

Lil interview

Chinese website MAX+ spoke with our support player Ilya Lil Ilyuk before the Minor. Here’s the trasnlation of their talk.


You have been looking for and forming teams for the most of time for this season after you depart from NAVI. Do you think those experience give you a chance to improve yourself?

I think it was absolutely useless experience, I would feel better without. I just have spend huge amount of time and took a sted backward in my career. The only thing I’ve realised these times was that esports starts where organizations and contracts are. Playing in mix or without an organization can’t be seroius deal.

You have looked for teams on Twitter in this April and finally joined Team Winstrike. How did you join them?

I wrote to Winstrike CEO Jaroslav Komkov and in his turn he connected me with Masha, the manager of the team. Then I just waited for the test.

How do you feel joining Team Winstrike? How is the team chemistry? Do you feel easy when you get along with your new teammates?

I’m happy I got signed by Winstrike. It’s too early to speak about team chemistry, but I can say that on the current stage that I am pretty comfortable with the boys and  I can see sense in it.

Lets talk about the past, as you describe yourself on Twitter, you used to be a ‘d*ck’ in media but it’s in the past. What do you think about the things happened in the past? How do you feel now when talking about your departure from VP and NAVI?

People don’t always understand my statements because there were some cases in the past. Since then people look negatively on me and my sayings. No matter how much time past and what I did, most of the community will always see me as toxic intolerable egoist. Talking about VP and NAVI, I can’t say I’ve sorted out with my feelings and realized how things really were, but I can say for sure I don’t have anything on anyone. I don’t want to live by it.

Last November, you have apologized to your old teammates from VP for the disputes before. What made you apologize at that time? Have you reconciliation with them?

There was one moment when everyone spammed my direct messages demanding I should publicly apologize to VP and the community. I coulnd’t say I didn’t feel guilty for something. I didn’t spoil someone’s life as much as mine got spoiled, but I can’t deny the fact I was wrong sometimes and my apologies didn’t make anyone feel worse, so why not. I didn’t see anyone from VP since these times and we didn’t talk about it. Anyway, I suppose they are still have some feelings about me.   

Dota Fans always see the results only. For instance, you have some arguments with another player, he gets better results in tournaments and people will then suggest the argument is due to your fault. Do you think the opinion is right? How do you deal with those negative comments about yourself?

Dota is a team game and it doesn’t make you a better player when your team wins. Any of the same position players could be in your place. If we’re not talking about Miracle-, of course. Now I try to shut myself from all the negativity, but as a rule I care about the opinion of very few people.

You spend lots of time on social media. Is it because you like to contact with fans or for any purpose?

It’s not true, I forgot about my social media since I left NAVI. Now I have different priorities and care more about the game than media. Sometimes I make posts in Twitter or Instagram for fans who stayed and followed me, but it depends on my mood. Noone’s interested in you if you don’t have some professional resluts and it’s bad for social media promotion.

This is the first time you qualify to a DPC event for this season. Do you wish to win the last two tickets to Major, or what’s your expectation for the minor?

Obviously we’re working on top-2 at the Minor and hope to perform good at the Major to have a chance for TI. I think we can handle it, all the teams are equal now because of the new patch.

After the last Minor/Major for this season we will come to the qualifier of The International 2019, do you feel confident to qualify for it? Which teams in CIS region do you think are the biggest problems for you to qualify for TI?

– It’s hard to assess the level of teams and your confidence. Many of them are on the vaction now and we’ll see them only at the qualifiers. If Gambit will fail at the Epicenter, they will play at the qualifies and be our biggest rivals. I don’t believe in other teams.

Talking about the CIS region, What do you think is the strongest feature of the region?

We have many strong and talanted players in CIS, but because of the age they don’t take it too serious, and this is the feature. Many of these players will never make it to the pro scene. If we’re talking about teams, there is serious competition between the teams, but each of them is pretty unstable.