Meet Winstrike.PUBG coach!

Meet Winstrike.PUBG coach!

Those who follow our PUBG team, could notice a mysterious man among the players. Finally we can introduce you Mark Krimson Aer Russel Senior, our PUBG team coach from Great Britain.

Mark joined the team in the beginning of April and proved himself as a high-level professional. Previously he coached Team Liquid and G2. You can already see the result of Mark’s hard work: our PUBG is going to the first LAN of PUBG Global League.

«When the PUBG European League was announced I knew I needed to be a part of it, Winstrike gave me the opportunity and together with the team we are working our hardest to achieve to our highest potential in PUBG. The dedication of the players and the support of the organisation has been amazing and together we will show the world just how good our team can be!» – told Mark about his new duties.

General Winstrike Team manager Andrew Kimi Kvasnevsky also commented: «I’m counting on Mark very much. He managed to find team’s chemistry in short period of time, and it positively affected the result. I can only wish him luck, because there are lots of challenges ahead, for him as a professional and for us as a team».

Together with the new coach our PUBG team  prepares for FACEIT Global Summit, which will be held in London on 16-21 of April.

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Winstrike Team’s PUBG roster:

  • Teemu Teme Kokko
  • Joona Nookie Närvänen
  • Joonas Jorzki Permanto
  • Olli Tiikzu Saarikoski
  • Mark Krimson Aer Russel Senior (coach)