New Winstrike Team player

New Winstrike Team player

Winstrike CS:GO team changes again – Alexey El1an Gusev will be playing in the squad instead of Georgy WorldEdit Yaskin. Alexey already played a few games under the Winstrike tag and becomes official player from this day.

Alexey plays CS:GO for 4 years. He was member of Gambit Academy, Elements Pro Gaming and Monolith Gaming.

Winstrike Team Johnta highly recommends this player: «To make our team younger is one of our goals, so we’ve decided to test El1an. After the test we realized he fits our team perfectly».

Head manager Adalyat Mamedov commented, «From this day Alexey El1an Gusev will be representing Winstrike CS:GO team. We’ve looked after him for a while, and the level he demonstrated during practice and official games made us believe he is young and talented and we want to have him in our team. Welcome to the family!»

He is also commented WorldEdit’s departure: «Unfortunately, today we said goodbye to Georgy WorldEdit Yaskin. Huge thanks for contributions he made to our team and for his amazing performance in Katowice. Without a doubt, WorldEdit is a high level specialist and we will hear from him soon».

Winstrike Team’s new CS:GO roster is going to prepare for CIS Minor Berlin closed quali, which will be played on 8-10 of June.

New Winstrike CS:GO roster:

  • Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov
  • Aurimas Kvik Kvakšys
  • David n0rb3r7 Danielyan
  • Alexey El1an Gusev
  • Vlаdуslаv bondik Nеchуроrchuk
  • Ivan Johnta Shevtsov (coach)

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