Winstrike Team now has a new logo and style.

Winstrike Team now has a new logo and style.

The first victories and achievements of the organization are associated with the previous logo of Winstrike. The famous rocket emblem flew all the way to The International and became an important symbol of esports in Russia and abroad. 


Today, building on past experience to achieve success is becoming increasingly difficult. To be on top, any organization must move towards functionality, progress and global innovations. The brand identity should follow this approach.  


Therefore, we are happy to present a new corporate style designed by our friends from Quberten that combines recognizable features of Winstrike and a visual image of a team of the future. 

The logo has retained the basic concept of the brand associated with space and significantly increased its functionality. Now it is designed in a modern “mobile” type, so it will look good in any microformat.

The shape of the logo looks like chevron – the main part of the uniforms of pilots and astronauts. This visual solution can be of many successful uses. Thus, the new style of a team allows us to make sponsors’ blocks in the shape of chevrons, which will undoubtedly add more associations with the original subject line.

A new image is made of modules by analogy with spacecraft. The longer the flight of a rocket lasts the more its parts are separated from the main module. As a result, they may turn out to be W-type rocket flame. 

Therefore from a regular image, the logo has turned into a whole system of brand identity with great enhancement potential.

Another important point in style update was the maintaining of our club colors. Quberten designers slightly adjusted shades of signature blue, raspberry and white making them a little more intense and deeper. Above all, Winstrike needed this standardization to work properly with new merchandise. 


The updated Winstrike style will appear on the main platforms of the brand and form of the teams from 28 November 2019. 


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