Introducing our new member of CS:GO squad

Introducing our new member of CS:GO squad

Winstrike Team signs up a new member of our CS:GO squad — Daniil PipsoN Meschryakov is taking place of tactics coach.

Daniil is 23 years old and he is playing CS since 2008. He has lots of experience not only in CIS region, but in China as well. He was invited as a coach but lately became a player at the same time. After a year in China he returned to CIS and played with wayLander and WorldEdit for a while. Then they were signed up by Winstrike, and he was suggested to become a tactics coach for Winstrike. «Our organization is doing everything for a futher progress of our stabilization, helping to do our best and make it even better. I communicate with Dima iksou for a common good and we complete each other in our working process. Together we got prepared for the Minor quali, and it was a success», — Daniil told us.

He is got some seroius plans for the new year: «Because of the old roster, we decided to create a more structural gameplay and now want to become stable in our results. So we are working on our tactics a lot. We play lots of official games at the bootcamp, but because of rough schedule we didn’t manage to train as much as we wanted. But after New Year holidays we are returning to the bootcamp and starting to prepate to Minor».

New Winstrike Team CS:GO roster:

  • Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov
  • Aurimas Kvik Kvakšys
  • David n0rb3r7 Danielyan
  • Georgi WorldEdit Yaskin
  • Jan wayLander Rahkonen
  • Dmitriy iksou Mihailichenko (coach)
  • Daniil PipsoN Meschryakov (tactics coach)

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