Winstrike.Fortnite: reload

Winstrike.Fortnite: reload

Winstrike Team completely renews its Fortnite roster. We decided to switch from Europe to CIS and sign up some talented players from our region.

From this day Winstrike Fortnite team is represented by young and perspective players duo – Artyom Melside Melnikov and Vladislav Mayhem Vladimirov. We broke the contract with Ludwig Luuu Kainz on mutual decision.

Melside and Mayhem are young players, already recognized as strong and competitive duo at Fortnite esports scene. Their latest achievements are top-1 of WarLegend EU Division, top-15 of Pop UP Champion Division and top-2 of FSL.


Vladislav Mayhem Vladimirov told that he is «very happy to join such ambitious esports organization and counting on long and friendly cooperation. To our luck, the сircumstances were in our favor, so now we are representing Winstrike at all tournaments».

Artyom Melside Melnikov also commented: «I am so happy to represent one of the best esports organizations in the world. Yesterday I was just a viewer of the tournaments with my idols, but now I am playing at one stage with them!»


Winstrike Team’s general manager Andrew Kimi Kvasnevsky explained that the org is still interested in Fortnite, so there was a decision to sign up players from our region. «Can’t hide my pride of our new Fortnite CIS players. Together with all our fans I place my hopes on them. Let’s go, Mayhem and Melside!»

New Winstrike Team Fortnite roster:

  • Artyom Melside Melnikov
  • Vladislav Mayhem Vladimirov

Winstrike Team is 2 years old


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