Winstrike Team opens Rainbow Six: Siege roster

Winstrike Team opens Rainbow Six: Siege roster

From today, Winstrike Team is represented in four disciplines: Dota 2, CS:GO, FIFA and Rainbow Six: Siege.

The R6 roster includes Kirill ‘SmashByAsh’ Belozerov, Andrey ‘m1loN’ Mironov, Stanislav ‘Leri’ Akimov, Alexander ‘flaers0’ Kroshkin, Anatoly ‘eXoduSS’ Martynov, and Anton ‘VIKING’ Shevchenko as a coach.

Most players of this roster have already demonstrated successful results: third place in the Russian Major League, a slot in the Challenger League, and first place in the FireCuda Spring Cup 2020. In July they were joined by ex-Team Unique player Alexander ‘flaers0’ Kroshkin.

“Initially we played with Neky, but then we decided to test flaers0. He just turned out to be more experienced. As we expected and the practice showed, everything is pretty good.

We are determined to advance to European league through the Challenger League. In addition, I would like to perform well at the Russian Major League, although the result at this tournament is not our aim”, – said the team’s coach Anton‘ VIKING ’Shevchenko.

“The Rainbow 6 esports scene is gaining momentum and we don’t want to be out of trend. After communicating with the game developers, it became clear how exactly they are going to develop esports side. The main goal for us as an organization is to get into the Pilot program.

As for the guys, we quickly found a common language and even faster found the work vector and goals of the team. It’s off-season now. This will allow getting in peak shape by the fall, by the next season of the Challenger League, where the main goal will be to get into the European League. I would also like to note that we have signed long-term contracts with the players”, – sports director of Winstrike Team Andrey Kvasnevsky.

The Challenger League season starts in September. To get directly into the European League and Pilot Program a team needs to take the first place?. The top 2 Challenger League will play play-offs with the last-placed European League.

When they get into the Ubisoft Pilot program, each team will have special branded in-game items, the sale percentage of which is paid to organizations.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular esports shooters in the world. Last year, its audience exceeded 50 million players, and the last World Cup attracted over 100,000 viewers at its peak.

We wish them to have space results and to achieve all the goals they set for our Rainbow Six rocket!

The current R6 roster:
Kirill ‘SmashByAsh’ Belozerov
Andrey ‘m1loN’ Mironov
Stanislav ‘Leri’ Akimov
Alexander ‘flaers0’ Kroshkin
Anatoly ‘eXoduSS’ Martynov

Anton ‘VIKING’ Shevchenko (coach)

Alexander ‘Wh1te’ Sokolov (manager)


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