Winstrike Team parts ways with Overwatch team

Winstrike Team parts ways with Overwatch team

Winstrike Team releases its Overwatch roster by mutual consent. The reason are questionable circumstances for players of Overwatch Contenders ecosystem. For now, contracts with certain organization, as well as having buyouts, make players unattractive for academies and block their potential Overwatch League promotion.

Oleg Sukalkin, Winstrike Team COO:

«As we can see, Overwatch League team academies are limited at their resources and prefer to sign free agents you don’t have to buy out. This circumstance in addition to low economic profit of Overwatch Contenders roster force us to say goodbye to the team. This is the case where both sides will gain more than they lose. We don’t want to prevent our players from moving up at their career and wish them all the best in the future!»

Andrey «Engh» Sholokhov, Overwatch roster captain:

«For real, Overwatch Contenders ecosystem has its own unique structure. For almost every organization (except academies) having an Overwatch team is relatively unfavourable. We want to say thanks to Winstrike for supporting us all this time. I have only good memories left!»

CIS Hope team joined Winstrike last summer. The team finished 3-4th at Overwatch Contenders Season 2 and 5-8th at the third season under our tag.

Former Winstrike Overwatch team:

  • Artem «kensi» Budiak
  • Andrei «uNFixed» Leonov
  • Ilia «Txao» Makarov
  • Normunds «sharyk» Faterins
  • Andrey «Engh» Sholokhov
  • Aleksandr «MayN» Mukhin
  • Ilias Themelis «iLka» Kaskanetas (coach)

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